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6 documentaries that will make you reconsider what you eat

Have you ever felt somewhat influenced by a film? Well, these 6 documentaries related to food, sustainability and the environment, will make you feel just like that.

You’ll be impacted after watching this documentaries, finding out the facts behind the livestock and pharmaceutical industry, and revealing stories about animal products consumption, and ways to reduce climate change:


Follows the story of an environmentalist trying to find the real solution to climate change; realizing the industry responsible of deforestation, wasteful water consumption and pollution, is not the transportation industry, but another industry he had never thought about.

If you are worried about climate change and sustainability, you probably feel like your small changes won’t make any difference -this guy felt exactly the same- So if you don’t know where to start, and how to do more for the planet; after watching this story, you will be motivate to start making real changes.


Even if you’re not vegan – and you don’t plan to be one– you should watch this documentary.


This documentary follows three meat and cheese lovers, who accept a challenge based on a vegan diet and lifestyle, for 6 weeks. Involving all aspects of veganism, from health check ups, environmental education, and cruelty free lifestyle, which ends up changing the way they see life and how they eat.

In my opinion, education and respect are also ways to change the world. You may never decide to be vegan, and maybe you don’t agree with opinions about veganism, but being respectful about others opinion, can give you a better understanding on why some people choose to live this way.

Food Inc.

Ever wondered why a french fries, burger and soda combo might be cheaper than buying a salad? It has nothing to do with food trends, nor healthy eating diets, or anything like that; If we analyze the situation, considering the process on how these two meals are made, it just doesn’t make any sense.

Food Inc. has the answers on how our food is grown today, and the impact it causes in our health and the environment – showing the controversial -and real- way livestock is fed with hormones, fertilized grains and pesticides, to make it faster and cheaper, without considering the health problems that may result afterwards.

Racing Extinction

Focused on sustainability and climate change, the whole point of this documentary is creating awareness on what’s going on with our planet. It shows scientists, activists and journalists efforts on documenting endangered species, and how they have used mass media to inform, and avoid the species extinction.

It’s not one of those documentaries that make you lose hope in humanity, and make you feel depressed on our situation; on the contrary, it shows how even small actions help creating a positive impact.

And if you like photography, you’ll love this documentary; It was made by the Oceanic Preservation Society, and in 2016 this film won the international Green Film Award of  Cinema Award for Peace

Food Matters 

We have all heard that “You are what you eat”, and the first thing that comes up to your mind, is the physical appearance; but what about the impact of food on our health and nutrition?

Food Matters shows how food has the ability to cure or sicken the human body. Nutritionists, doctors and journalists, share their studies and theories on how to cure and even reverse diseases, based on the way we eat.

Forks Over Knives

Yes, we all know that pizza and french fries are not the healthiest meals, but after watching the real impact this type of foods have in our body, you won’t think twice about improving your eating habits. It may sound a bit exaggerated, but making the right choice on food, could save our life.

When it comes to nutrition, the truth is our body has the ability to heal itself from almost any disease. This documentary is based on studies done for years by different doctors, who were not expecting to find that degenerative diseases, such as cancer and diabetes, can be controlled and even reversed based on a diet that avoids processed foods and animal products.

If you ever feel like your decisions, or small actions you do, have no impact in the world, remember that something as simple as eating has huge importance on our health, lifestyle and the environment.

After watching at least one of these documentaries, I can assure you’ll be full of emotions and feeling influenced in a positive way.


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