10 ways to think as a minimalist

The whole point about thinking as a minimalist, is simply an attitude towards life; to start thinking as a minimalist you actually need to stop thinking, stop wondering about what you don’t have or what you are missing.

So commonly we think more about what we are missing or what we do not like, instead of concentrating on what we like, what we want to do, and actually performing actions related to that.

Easier said than done, I know, but here’s how:

1. Gratitude

Don’t wait to have something, certain age, the next job or anything “better” to be thankful of what you have today.

2. Stop thinking only about the future

We are used to think about the future and that’s not the problem, it’s completely normal and sane to try to be prepared for the future; but it is impossible to know what other people will think or feel in certain situations and time; don’t waste your time thinking on things you can’t control.

3. Learn how to complain less

Make an experiment and write down every time you complain during the day, while driving, if you were late, you didn’t like what you ate, your boss gave you extra work, whatever. Count down how many times you complained, and how many of those times it solved anything?

4. exercise

It is proven that exercise help us releasing stress, keeping our bodies healthy and building self confidence. From the 16 hours that in theory, we should spend awake, sure you can give yourself 30 minutes of wellbeing.

5. Never regret

The thing with minimalism, is that you try as hard as possible to be present, So if you did something you’re not proud of, Im sorry to tell you, but we can’t go back in the past. If you have something to say, don’t keep your opinion, If you love someone then say so, if you consider you did something wrong, then not just think about it, and try to do better things better to prevent it from happening again.

I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason, so own your mistakes and learn from them, enjoy whatever you did and keep moving forward.

6. Criticism?

Criticizing someone is one of those things that are useful for absolutely nothing. Comparing yourself to others, criticizing people around you, and even yourself, won’t give you any benefit. So why wasting your time?

7. Think abundantly

If you think you have few time, money, friends or whatever it is, that’s what you’ll be demonstrating yourself. The mind is our most powerful tool, and even if it sounds slightly crazy, if you think in a positive  way and abundantly, you’ll automatically find opportunities and reasons to keep thinking that way.

8. Do something that makes you happy, every day

It could be taking a cup of coffee, cooking a delicious meal, reading, watching Netflix, or anything! The important thing here, is to do it consciously.

Maybe you like having coffee, and let’s say you drink it every day in automatic, but if you give yourself some time to actually enjoy the flavor and smell, your perspective shifts completely with something as simple as being mindful about it.

9. Enjoy the mornings

Even though I don’t consider myself as a morning person, the mornings are one of the moments I enjoy the most of my days. Getting up early with plenty of time to put the coffee machine, listen to music, prepare something nice for breakfast, enjoy the commute to work while listening to a podcast, and doing things I enjoy… Instead of being rushed out by time, is a great way to start the day. It shifts your mindset completely thinking that before 9 am you already did things you like.

10.Be aware of the time you spend on the internet

I know it’s hard to go “quick” on social media to check out something, or have an updated on what’s going on; specially when every time you open Facebook or Instagram there’s something new. But it’s impossible to catch up on everything, and let’s be honest, we always end up watching funny videos, Tasty recipes and pointless stuff, that distracts us from doing something creative, productive or simply spending time with someone.

If you feel that you live every day in an automatic way, surely this ways of thinking will help you realize life can be pretty simple, we are just used to complicate it, right?

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