Do you know which adapter you need on your next trip?

You are at the airport, excited and ready to go out and explore a new country, you realize your phone is running low on battery, so you get into the Fast Food area to charge it a bit… And discover you forgot to pack something basic when it comes to travel, and don’t have another option, but paying for an expensive adapter inside the airport.

If you don’t want to experience stress moments, and spend more money than necessary; here’s a simple guide with all types of plugs -per continent- so you’re prepared for your next trip!


You can find adapters in technology stores like Radio Shack, of course Walmart, and you can also find them easily at airports; but as I said before, they can get pretty expensive there.

And the third and simplest option: Shop online!

Here I leave a few Amazon links where you can directly buy your adapter. Also, if you buy it this way, I get a small fee so I can keep creating useful information for travelers, so: win-win for all!

Adapter amazon-qualityCeptics – high quality for us plugs adapter. UU to Asians or Europeans. Certified CE – complies with RoHS

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