What is minimalism?

Living in a tiny apartment, not owning a car, just dressing with black or white clothes is what you may think at firs when talking about minimalism; besides being an aesthetic trend, minimalism goes beyond possessing an exact number of things.

A minimalist, is someone who understands that nothing external will make you any better or worse  than you already, it is knowing that you don’t depend on anything external to be authentic and to have a life that makes you happy.

Minimalism looks different on every person, but the whole point of it, is to break stereotypes about our lives, breaking with the “have to” and “should be” our society somehow expects. So, if you were expecting something like: “Anyone who has less than 99 things, is minimalist,” you are very wrong…

Minimalism is a lifestyle, therefore it involves relationships, thoughts, food and activities in which you spend most of the time; It’s being aware of the things that add value to your life, and minimizing those who distract you from it.

But that’s not all, it is a constant journey where you never reach perfection. There’s not such thing as a perfect minimalist, there’s not an specific point you have to get to. Life changes, you are not the same person you were two years ago, and wont be the same in the next two, so the value in this lifestyle, is that you’re always seeking things that make you grow, always moving to be the best version of yourself.

Eventually all material things, no matter how expensive or cheap, no matter how many they are, will lose their value.

But your life wont.

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