Travel Guide: Mazunte, Zicatela & Puerto Escondido

Diverse landscapes, food, people and incredible views make Oaxaca a destination that you simply can’t miss, and what makes it even better, is that it’s super quiet, safe and perfect to relax.

It may sounds risky to say so, but from all the places I have visited in Mexico, Oaxaca’s coast is the most beautiful places in the country.


  1. Carrizalillo Beach (the most beautiful, all locals recommend it)
  2. See the sunset or sunrise at Punta Cometa
  3. Take a boat ride in Chacahua lagoon
  4. Try the Tlayudas and local coffee
  5. Nightlife in Zicatela
  6. Temazcal, massage or SPA in Mazunte
  7. Visit the Mazunte natural cosmetics store
  8. Surf (there are some beaches where the waves are very strong, so if you’re not a great surfer, you can try smaller beaches like Carrizalillo)
  9. Visit the Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga (Turtle museum)
  10. Relax in a hammock in San Agustinillo
  11. See the bioluminescence or florescence in the lagoons. (especially in the months of October or November)


The closest airport to these destination, is the national airport of Puerto Escondido, flight from Mexico’s City airpot  takes about 2 hours, and if bought in advance, the plane ticket may cost you around $1,500 MXN ($80 USD).

You can also arrive to Puerto Escondido by road, coming from Mexico City, the cost of booths is approximately $1,200 MXN ($65 USD) and it takes around 9 hours of drive. According to what some locals told me, the roads are curved, and in some parts there are only two car lanes, so if you plan to travel with kids it may be better to take a plane.


The location of your hostel, cabin or hotel is not really important, as it is a super small area -specially in Mazunte- where there is a main street that connects the whole town, and overlooks directly to the beach. Everything is walking distance, so it doesn’t matter where you plan to stay at.

In addition, transportation within Puerto Escondido or Zicatela  in a private taxi costs around $50 pesos ($3 USD) per person over long distances!

Oaxaca just like anywhere in Mexico, is a place of contrasts; you can travel as expensive or cheap as you like. There are honeymoon cabins which cost up to $4,000 pesos ($210 USD) per night, but if you’re a young traveler on a budget (like me), then you’ll be glad to know that most hostels range between $120-400 pesos ($7 – $21 USD).


If you go to Oaxaca, you can’t miss them; they are a kind of giant quesadillas, stuffed with beans, tomato, lettuce, spicy salsa, cactus and basically everything you can think about.

If you are vegan, you need to requests them without dairy and not fried with animal fat; besides that it is 100% vegan! Also, you would love to know  Oaxaca is a great place to eat fresh mangoes, papaya, moringa, and many different fruits and veggies grown in this region.

And Lastly:

The coast of Oaxaca is a place full of biodiversity, there are different beaches, bays and lagoons where you can observe all kind of vegetation; animals such as crocodiles, turtles, crabs, countless fish, sea shells and reefs.

So if you hire a tour, choose the most eco-friendly option possible.

What makes these places special is precisely this diversity, and if we don’t take care of the habitat, it we lose all the natural attraction it has.
Please don’t eat turtle eggs, or pick up shells from the beach.


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