Things you should know about Fast Fashion

First things first: what is Fast fashion?

Fast fashion started years ago, with companies who replicated clothes with the same style as high fashion brands, such as Channel, Versace and Dolce & Gabanna, but for much lower prices; this way anyone could afford these nicer clothes.

Although it doesn’t sound bad, the problem arose when these companies wanting to create these affordable clothes, began compromising their workers health, making them work longer periods of time at terrible conditions, and using methods with huge environmental impact to lower their production costs.

In order to make cheap clothes, companies search for the cheapest materials -which of course have awful quality- as well as the cheapest labor in different countries. So even with transportation costs, a shirt who traveled the entire ocean (from Bangladesh to the US), can still be sold in a store for $11 dollars.

Seen from an economic perspective, this business model can only be sustainable with a huge volume of production, and sales; so the  prices can remain low and companies can create profit. Therefore, our society is bombed with sales all the time, to consume more clothing; and in addition to low prices, these clothes can only be found in stores for a couple of weeks, creating a sense of urgency among consumers; making them buy impulsively, because they know they can’t return later to buy the same piece of clothing.

These trendy clothes that last about 2 weeks in stores, create tons of garbage; because of the chemicals used for dyeing textiles, polluting liters of water that affecting not only animals and biodiversity, but also to the people making and using it!

So as a recap , fast fashion: is bad for everyone.

These are just some facts about Fast Fashion, why we should stop it,
and instead, support brands and ONGs who try to make a change.

If you want to know even more, I recommend you watching The True Cost, a documentary with lots of information and facts about the textile industry.

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