I am Itzel, the creator behind VidaBoho, a Mexican of 23 years that  doesn’t get excited about living the traditional “American Dream”.

I assure our purpose in life goes beyond following some sort of magic formula for success (career + marry + have children) and  yeah I may not know the answer, but I do know I want to do “cool things”; I’ve got an impressive hunger for traveling the world, keep meeting people from different places, taking pictures, and creating a meaningful life.

COBA, Quintana Roo

I became a vegetarian more than 3 years ago, for environmental reasons and my health; a bit later I discovered minimalism as a lifestyle, and started living that way, allowing me to travel, and do more with my time and money.

I have found so many benefits living this way, that I felt the need to share it; I hope you find some useful information in my blog, so you may live a meaningful life as well.

What is Vida Boho?

Living detached from aesthetic, materialist and socially acceptable standards, are the main inspiration of this blog. Vida means life in Spanish, and Boho comes from bohemian or Bohemio in Spanish; rather than being a platform with content that tries to convince everyone about leading a specific lifestyle, becoming vegetarians or hippie travelers; my goal is to show there’s no right or wrong way of living, things aren’t good or bad, life is what we do with what happens to us; and so we should be looking forward worthy things to happen, creating more and better experiences.

I aim to share content that inspire or motivate people to create freedom, and a more meaningful life; focused on sustainability, transcendently, and simple living.

Here you can find:

  • Travel experiences and resources.
  • Useful information for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Tips for minimalist living.

How did it came up?

After my first solo trip as backpacker through Europe, having met so many places and amazing people; I came back to Mexico completely in love with the world, with a vast curiosity of exploring more of it, and looking for a job that would allow me to save money and continue traveling.

Then, I realized I haven’t missed anything I left back home -besides my family, my dogs, and obviously Mexican food- I couldn’t think of any single thing, like clothes, my car, or any other material stuff that had been missed during my trip. So, I decided to draw -in one day- all the things I didn’t need any longer, didn’t serve a purpose or had no longer value for my life.

As with being vegan, I realized embracing a minimalist lifestyle, I could bring many benefits to my life, not only ecologic, social and financial; but it could also allow me to keep traveling, and doing the things I like the most.

For me, a Bohemian way of life is to live with the freedom to choose consciously every thing I do, I say, like, eat, or think. 
understanding life, and every action has a meaning.