The new wellness trend: MINIMALISM

“Wellness is the active process of conscious decisions, to a full and healthy life. Welfare is to be free of the diseases; It is a dynamic process of change and growth.”

Finding ways to look better, feel good, and try to be happier, is something all humans seek in different ways. Maybe you have explored other blogs that talk about nutrition, fitness or productivity, and  perhaps in any of these blogs, you’ve heard about minimalism.

Or maybe you’re just looking for alternatives to live a life fully, with less stress and free from bondage; so here I have a small guide with everything you need to know:

but, what Is Minimalism?

It’s a way of living and thinking. Minimalism is removing clutter from your life, but not just on material things, also in relationships and thoughts. I would personally defy minimalism as a conscious or aware lifestyle; being aware of the things you want to have in your life and what not; it’s understanding that you don’t need much to have wellness and to make your life simpler and happier.

 It goes beyond the amount of physical possessions someone owns -if not anyone with less than 100 articles could be a minimalist- so the difference relays on the way you think about what you have and what you do. The value you give to physical possessions, the activities you do in your free time or thoughts you focus on.

I know I make it sound somewhat magical, and like the most amazing thing you can do in order to be happy; but minimalism is actually a bit complicated to explain, the main reason is because it’s different for everyone, we all have priorities and different goals we’re looking for; however, the result is the same for all: A life focused on the things that create value. 


Zen Habits – minimalist Blogs

Zen Habits

Leo Babauta is a father of 6 children, who has managed to break any excuse for people who think they could never be minimalists. His blog is focused on simplicity, making people go slowly, appreciate more things and eliminate the disorder, to be able to focus on important things.




The Minimalists - Blogs about minimalism

The Minimalists

One of the most famous blogs about minimalism -Joshua and Ryan had everything, living the typical American Dream, but even with their millionaire salaries, houses, cars, all type of technological gadgets; they  didn’t felt complete, nor happy. They started this blog after packing and donating all their things; now they have a podcast, 3 published books and even a documentary.



The Blissful Mind - blogging about minimalism

The Blissful Mind

Focuses on topics like Mindfulness, living in a simple, healthy and more productive way. What I love the most about this blog, is that it perfectly describes how you can embrace minimalism, how to think and act in a more simple way to live better.

Colin Wright.jpg

Exile Lifestyle

Colin Wright is a traveller, writer and speaker, who changes his country of residence every 4 months; He became famous with a post he published about how he lived only 51 things. But he was not always a minimalist, indeed his life changed when he broke up the relationship with his girlfriend, sold all his things and began traveling full time.

As you can see, all this people have different lifestyles and different ways on how they embrace a minimalist lifestyle, so if you were thinking minimalism looked just in a specific, very frugal way, it’s not.

One of the main reasons why I decided to create this blog, is because I am convinced that this information could have many positive effects on the way we live, and think as society. The way we interact with people, our relationships, our jobs, and so on.

If you’d like to read more about minimalism, here I have another post where I describe more about minimalism, but in a personal way.

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