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5 Razones para minimizar tu clóset

Seguramente has escuchado hablar sobre: Capsule wardrobes Tomar la “extrema” decisión de disminuir la cantidad de ropa que tienes, puede sonar poco convincente, lo sé; pero en este post te voy a compartir algunos beneficio que te pueden ayudar a simplificar tu vida y mejorar tu estilo, teniendo menos artículos: 1. Menos tiempo para escoger […]


The new wellness trend: MINIMALISM

“Wellness is the active process of conscious decisions, to a full and healthy life. Welfare is to be free of the diseases; It is a dynamic process of change and growth.” Finding ways to look better, feel good, and try to be happier, is something all humans seek in different ways. Maybe you have explored other […]


What is minimalism?

Living in a tiny apartment, not owning a car, just dressing with black or white clothes is what you may think at firs when talking about minimalism; besides being an aesthetic trend, minimalism goes beyond possessing an exact number of things. A minimalist, is someone who understands that nothing external will make you any better […]


10 ways to think as a minimalist

The whole point about thinking as a minimalist, is simply an attitude towards life; to start thinking as a minimalist you actually need to stop thinking, stop wondering about what you don’t have or what you are missing. So commonly we think more about what we are missing or what we do not like, instead of concentrating […]